Chronology of events in the history of photography in the Czech lands till 1918.

04. Daguerreotypes illustrate a book

Brothers Franieck published in Karlovy Vary a book \"Guide des étranger á Carlsbad et dans ses environs\", which is the only known example of the use of daguerreotype to illustrate a book, published in Bohemia. The Guide is illustrated by 9 lithography vistas, two of which have expressly a line: “Nach daguerreotyp” (Theresian spring and Jáchymov). After Litomyšl and Brno they are the oldest concrete pictorial evidence about daguerreotype pictures of Czech towns. A sale of lithographs made from daguerreotypes is also advertised in the book. The 1842 season guide for spa guests also mentioned the sale of postcards from daguerreotypes in the Franciek shop.