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Russia in 1896

A set of coloured diapositives was made in the spring of 1896 by František Krátký, who visited Russia on the occasion of tzar’s coronation.

The colorized slides, which upon projection are called bright images, were actually small miniatures with photographic authenticity, because the base for colorizing was a black and white slide mostly 5.5 x 8.5 cm. Screening of such slides around the end pf the 1890s became very popular in the Czech lands. It was then collected with the Prague Amateur Photographer`s Club. In 1897 a Photographic Slide Society was formed, which in 1901 began organizing regular projection for the public. The decline in interest in such projections was directly related to the origin of the first permanent movie cinemas.
The first Czech to take photographs in Russia and them present them in colorized form on photographic slides was professional photographer František Krátký. In the spring of 1896 he set out for Russia to photograph the Crowning of Nicholas II. Aside from this event he also documented the life and memorials of Moscow, St. Petersburg, 13. Nizhniy Novgorod and their surroundings.
Many colorized images have faded or are turning white. That which was maintained in proper condition is a rare document of history. Lectures with bright images certainly did plenty for popularizing photography and spreading enlightenment that brought foreign countries within people`s reach. During these projections that were once so popular, people unwittingly came to understand and value photographic testimony, learning to see through the eyes of photography.

F. Krátký: Moscow, procession, F. Krátký: Moscow, procession, - Title: "Moscow, carrying of an icon"

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