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Šumava / Böhmerwald by Jindřich Eckert

Jindřich Eckert photographed in Šumava / Böhmerwald in 1880 - 1882.

Mainly because of the quality and versatility of his contribution, J. Eckert is considered the most important Czech photographic personality of the 19th century. The basis of his fame as a photographer forms the portrait; however, he achieved his most valued results in locality and landscape photography. On the 15.7.1863 he founded an atelier on Malá Strana in Prague, where he stayed until the end of his life. Thanks to photography he became a famous and publicly active personality. He was first to conceive national historical photographic collections in the Czech lands; his photographs were used in the first photographic publications of Prague. From Šumava, where it seems he photographed in 1881 and 1882, he advertised the series Šumava mementos and within that two sets: Úhlava riverside and Černé Řezno riverside. Total of 47 pictures in folio, card-de-visit and cabinet formats.

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