Basic biographical information about selected photographers who operated in the Czech lands before 1918. Besides those written by Pavel Scheufler, some of the entries were compiled in cooperation with other authors.

Fischer, P. Franz

4. 7. 1865 (Česká Kamenice) - 3. 8. 1942 (Česká Kamenice)
Amateur photographer of Bohemian Switzerland and the Děčín district.

Fischer, P. Franz Fischer, P. Franz - During the drought in August 1904, the water level on Elbe river near Dolní Žleb was so low that musicians from Labska Strán, who came there to play at a funeral, could hold a concert, with their trousers rolled up, in the middle of the river on their way home. Image from the book P. Scheufler- P. Joza: Bohemian Switzerland in the Oldest Photographs. Baset, Prague 2006.