Basic biographical information about selected photographers who operated in the Czech lands before 1918. Besides those written by Pavel Scheufler, some of the entries were compiled in cooperation with other authors.

Fridrich, František

21.5. 1829 Mělník - 23.3.1892 Prague
Photographer and publisher with international reputation, the most outstanding Czech photographer of the carte-de-visite period.

František Fridrich belong amond the most internationally renowned figures in the history of Czech photography.

  He gained his initial photographic experiences while on a journey around western Europe in 1855. A year later he acquired a licence to earn his living by daguerreotype and he held the first photographic exhibition of his work in Bohemia. In 1857 he departed with his fiancée for the United States. In 1860 , the now married couple returned, and he began his ambitiously conceived career as a photographer of the historical sites and the countryside.
  By about 1870 he had become one of the main landscape photographers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The magazine Photographische Correspondenz in 1880 made a list of Fridrich`s offices in cities around the world, including Sydney, Cape Town, New York and Francisco, among many others. More than studio portraiture Fridrich`s preferred milieu was the photographing of landmarks and nature scenes, the first in Bohemia to photograph nudes and sport, he also created the first photographic greeting cards and pictorial variations of proverbs. Taking as one of his main subjects, he was the city`s first great photographer.

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