Photography breaks - relaxing through photographing


The idea of relaxing photography breaks by Pavel and Lenka Scheufler is as follows:

  • Photographing helps to relax and release stress
  • Photographing will make you forget about the everyday worries and routine
  • Photographing will help you slow down
  • Photographing improves concentration
  • Photographing will help you to get to know yourself
  • Photographing beauty delights the soul and has a positive effect
  • Photographing will help you live in harmony
  • Photographing means creating, and can offer you self-actualization
  • Photographing preserves memories
  • Photographing can please your dear ones

We do not teach how to make money on your photos, but our primary and fundamental wish is to make our clients enjoy the creative process of photographing.

The idea of these courses and the methods used is the intellectual property of Lenka and Pavel Scheufler and as such is protected by copyright laws.

7. 7. 2010