Chronology of events in the history of photography in the Czech lands till 1918.

The oldest pictures of towns

Andreas Groll, an important Central-European landmark photographer, apparently for the first time as a photographer visited the Czech lands. He demonstrably photographed in the Bohemian Kingdom also in 1856 and 1865 (and evidently also in 1866). In the fifties during his travels he visited Prague, Kutná Hora and Plzeň, in the sixties again Prague and Kutná Hora, and then Kolín, Rožmberg and Lednice. Photographs taken are often the oldest pictures of these places.

Andreas Groll Andreas Groll - Hradčany z nábřeží, 1856. Nejstarší známý snímek panoramatu. (Repro z knihy Z. Wirth: Stará Praha)